PPE Compliance issues? Try this Workplace Digital Signage Technique

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Do workers understand all the benefits of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? For example, they may be issued a high-visibility vest, but then fail to realize it also has abrasion-resistant material, which keeps reflective stripes as bright as day one. Or maybe they don’t understand that the closures on their vests were designed to be break-away/tear-away, preventing entanglement and catch hazards.

The point is, workers may be thinking about their PPE with a very narrow scope. And unfortunately, the more limited their view of PPE benefits, the less likely they’ll voluntarily buy into 100% PPE compliance.

So how do you change this? For starters, you may want to borrow some techniques from the PPE manufacturers themselves. Their advertisements are ripe with information above and beyond price point that is meant to get you excited about their products. Flip through a magazine like OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) to see what kinds of images and messaging are contained in their display ads. In fact, these manufacturers may even help you in your endeavor to educate workers about their safety gear. Shoot them an email and ask for some talking points and visuals.

Next, you’ll need a way to distribute this information to workers. But this is where many campaigns falter. Hand out brochures and you’ll only be contributing waste to your local landfill. And just like in the advertising world, repeated exposure to your messaging is crucial. A modern approach is warranted.

Many companies are now utilizing Digital Signage for employee communication (particularly for safety messaging). The obvious benefit is that this form of communication is visual, leading to better engagement and message retention. But when it comes to your PPE education campaign, Digital Signage can help in many other ways.

Multiple forms of input: Good Digital Signage software can accept image files, videos, Word Docs, PowerPoint, and a host of other original content. So those visuals and talking points you obtain from a PPE manufacturer or create on your own can be utilized in a snap.
Ease of distribution: A well-positioned Digital Signage screen can be viewed by all workers. Break rooms, check-in areas, and dispatch desks are common locations. You won’t have to rely on others to pass along your PPE info. Look for Digital Signage software that also includes options for extending reach to remote and mobile workers.
Scheduling: With Digital Signage, you can schedule your material to appear exactly when you need it, even in a multi-shift, 24/7 environment. And to maximize the benefits of repeat exposure, you may want to schedule your content to appear several times throughout a given timeframe.

So take stock of the multitude of benefits workers receive from their PPE. Keep your message visual and looking more like a benefit-rich advertisement. Make sure you’re building a case for PPE compliance that’s more than just a mandate from above. Then utilize proven technology for getting those benefits in front of workers like never before. After all, you invested a lot when you sourced the best safety gear for your team; now it’s time to make sure that investment pays extra dividends.

Sean Donnelly
April 1, 2016

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