The One Question to Ask Before Installing Workplace Digital Signage

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When was the last time your VPs, directors, and managers sat at one table and asked this simple question: How are we currently communicating with employees?

Sadly, communications audits like this rarely happen. Why? In most cases there is no real catalyst for this type of proactive review. Or is there?

When an organization approaches Marlin about workplace Digital Signage, they’re presented with a complimentary Communications Assessment. Some are pleasantly surprised by this added value. Others are shocked, at least initially, that there could even be a need for such a review. Regardless of their objectives for Digital Signage, the audit challenges everyone to look at the whole picture. It’s a means of introducing discipline to the discovery process.

From there, the principal Digital Signage researcher often calls together a meeting of department heads. The conversation starts with two main questions:

1. What kind of content can your department contribute?
2. Who isn’t getting that type of information now?

The answers, or lack thereof, deliver a major communications ‘aha moment.’ It may actually be the first time some managers are asked to examine silos and general deficiencies in communication strategy. It’s a discovery that wouldn’t have happened without their workplace Digital Signage initiative. And even if the Digital Signage program is never implemented, the organization is better off for having taken the Communications Assessment.

So how are you communicating with employees? And even if you’re reaching them all, do they really ‘get’ the message? A Communications Assessment can help answer those questions. And Digital Signage may be the much-needed spark that ignites the discussion to begin with.  Otherwise, what will?

To see an example of a workplace Communications Assessment, contact Marlin and be sure to reference the ‘Communications Assessment’ in your request.

Sean Donnelly
March 14, 2016

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