7 Ways to Reach Sanitation Workers with Digital Signage

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Why it’s Hard to Reach Sanitation Workers

Waste hauling and recycling is listed #5 on the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s most dangerous occupations list. Every day refuse collectors work with heavy and dangerous equipment and handle hazardous materials. They work in the street, often in the dark and in bad weather. Despite increased use of automation, there is still a lot of lifting and hauling which can be physically demanding and increase the chances of injury on the job.

Faced with these challenging safety conditions, sanitation and recycling companies are always looking for effective ways to communicate with their workforce. Refuse collectors spend most of their time on their routes away from computers or email access. Employers have only a few minutes at the start and end of each shift to reinforce important messages.

To get their messages to employees, many companies are turning to workplace digital signage, otherwise known as electronic message boards or digital bulletin boards for a creative solution. Digital signage offers a simple way to deliver your messages with visual impact. Because it’s dynamic, it’s more likely to catch your employees’ attention which is really critical when you only have a few minutes to do so. Here are some ways you can use digital signage to get your message to employees when it matters most.

7 Ways to Reach Sanitation Workers with Digital Signage

Keep safety top of mind at all times. Tap into the power of visual communication by “marketing” your safety messages to employees. You need to continually reinforce safe driving, backing and loading, handling of hazardous materials, safe loading and lifting of containers, attention to overhead wires and more. Digital signage offers creative ways to make those messages memorable, such as posting short video clips, using pictures of your own trucks and people in action, adding humor with “safety don’ts”, etc.

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Recognition improves engagement. Use your electronic message boards to promote in-house initiatives such as safety challenges, customer feedback programs and employee appreciation events. It’s a great way to launch any new company program, explain the rules of the game and recognize the winners. They’ll love seeing their pictures on the screens and it reinforces your commitment to safety.

Catch them at the right time, every time. Digital signage software offers flexible scheduling tools that save you time and ensure that you are delivering the right messages to the right people on time. Make the most of those windows of opportunity before and after shifts to keep your employees informed. You can be more efficient by scheduling your content in advance. Some tools enable you to choose recurring scheduling which works well for targeting shifts with messages that need to be reinforced regularly.

Keep metrics front and center. Digital signage is a great tool for posting metrics in a way that’s visual, easy to understand, and up-to-date. Forget about white boards for recordables such as days without accidents. Instead use an auto-counter widget that updates your numbers daily. Use simple, colorful charts or infographics to highlight sustainability metrics or other important KPIs.

Promote health and wellness. To ensure that your employees are looking at the screens, it’s important to post a mix of messages in a variety of formats. Tips on healthy eating, exercise, stress management, sleep, etc. will let your workers know that care about the quality of their lives on and off the job. You can promote your own company’s wellness program or easily find great content and images online to make your messages engaging.

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Reinforce training with quick tips. Think of your electronic message boards as an extension of your training efforts. Pick a topic each month and provide “quick bites” to reinforce tips on proper use of PPE or truck inspection basics. (Even better if it features your branded apparel or company trucks.)

Be prepared for traffic and weather. Tap into local traffic websites and display live updates on your screens. Show Doppler weather maps that offer a quick read that can help prepare your workers for major weather events. This is considered “evergreen content” because the source is a live website. You can “set it and forget it”, saving you time and providing your workers with up-to-date information.

How You Can Start Reaching Your Employees With Digital Signage

Employee communication is an ongoing challenge for all managers. Digital signage provides a robust, flexible tool that can make the job easier and keep your employees safe, informed and engaged. Read more on how to build employee engagement here!

Jude Carter
May 7, 2018

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