Digital Signage: How to Build Readership Part 2

By Frank Kenna

In Part 1 on this topic, I discussed how you should look at your important messaging as “advertising,” and the need to mix it with varied content to draw readership.  In this part, I’ll discuss an important nuance for driving readership even higher, something we call The Whole Person Concept™.

The concept is rather simple but usually overlooked in corporate communications. It’s the need to view employees as actual people.  After all, when your employees walk into the company each morning, they don’t leave their problems and issues on the doorstep, they bring them right in to your facility.  To communicate effectively, you need to address those before your messages will sink in.  Think back to the advertising analogy for a second: the TV networks need to have shows that you’re interested in watching so you’ll THEN watch their advertising.  In the workplace it’s the same concept… take care of employee concerns or needs first, then show them the information you want to “sell.”

Part of this process is sourcing content as discussed in my last post.  The other part is dealing with people as…. people.  The way we do this is to post materials that apply and appeal to everyone.  These can be inspirational quotes or short stories, funny, heartwarming photos or video clips, or something to help them deal with their personal issues, such as ideas for substance abuse prevention, home safety tips, or dealing with teenagers or aging parents.

If you’re trying to build readership in your digital signage system, think about adding this type of information to the mix.  I think you’ll find it makes a big difference in the amount of readership you’ll get, and more importantly, the amount of information they’ll retain.

Jude Carter
November 21, 2011

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