3 Reasons to Share PPE Safety Messages with Office Workers, Too

Category: Workplace Safety

I know what you’re thinking: Why would anyone working in a nice, safe, air-conditioned office need to see Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) safety messages at all? Isn’t that a bit off-target? Maybe not.

True, it’s tempting to want to segregate your safety messages so they’re only seen by production workers, warehouse staff, or employees at a job site. But in doing so, you’re missing out on some major benefits that, in the end, can drive all kinds of safe behavior activity. Consider the following:

Visibility: When everyone from an executive to an office intern is aware of PPE requirements, you may see a whole new level of compliance among workers for whom PPE is mandatory. But it’s not about turning office workers into snitches. It’s more about giving additional exposure and weight to important messages. When you know it’s being seen by everyone, you know it’s not to be ignored.

Employee Recognition: Why limit the reach of messages that recognize hard-working employees for their safe behavior? Go ahead and make sure everyone sees photos of proper PPE use in action. This reinforces your culture of safety while also multiplying the ‘rock star’ effect. The bigger the audience, the greater the fame.  Although some workers may never set foot in ‘executive row,’ as long as they know that their employee recognition photos are being displayed back at the office, they’ll be as proud as a peacock.

Safety Champions: You don’t have to be a safety manager to be a safety champion. A safety champion could be a receptionist who reminds workers to take care as they’re heading out the door, or perhaps a dispatcher who gives a heads up to a driver about tricky road conditions. But to cultivate these champions even further, they need to have some basic knowledge about how workers are staying safe, especially when it comes to the required PPE.

The next step is finding an easy way to distribute these PPE safety messages across your company.  You may have photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations, or Word documents you once prepared for specific safety meetings. If you have access to workplace digital signage with robust conversion software, you may be able to repurpose many of those files while also increasing your reach.

So start thinking about a much broader audience for your PPE safety messages. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results you see.

Sean Donnelly
August 4, 2016

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