Making Safety Personal: 5 Lessons from 2018 NSC Congress and Expo

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With the recent increase in OSHA fines and with fatal work injuries surpassing 5,000 for the first time in almost a decade, developing a robust workplace safety culture has never been more critical.

Building safety culture was front and center last month when EHS thought leaders and safety professionals gathered in Houston for the 2018 NSC Congress and EXPO. They zeroed in on the need to make safety a personal issue, and they addressed several key themes that today’s companies need to recognize to meet the demand for a safe and compliant workplace: visual literacy, employee involvement, bridging the generational divide, and confronting the opioid epidemic. As a leader in workplace safety communications, Marlin has been at the forefront of helping employers tackle these tough issues. Here are the 5 lessons from the 2018 NSC Congress and Expo to enhance your safety culture:

Visual Literacy

Do your employees remember yesterday’s Tool Box Talk? Will they recognize a hazard when they see it? Providing consistent, easy-to-understand visual messaging to employees will not only help increase visual literacy but will also give a fresh spin on workplace safety training.

Emotional Involvement

What fuels the passion for safety in your facility? Healthy safety culture depends on employees understanding risks on the emotional level. Getting employees to feel passionate about safety through regular communication will lead to a more engaged, safe, and healthy workplace.

Multi-Generational Force

Does your workforce span generations? A “new language” that both Millennials and Baby Boomers understand can help you bridge the generational divide. Communicating through bite-sized messaging that resonates with all employees is vital in a safe and compliant workplace.

Opioid Crisis

Effective communication of difficult topics is crucial, especially when it comes to critical issues in the workplace, such as fatigue and the opioid crisis. This “whole person” approach will also help your employees carry the same safety awareness beyond work, into the off hours.

New Technologies in Workplace Safety

No matter the size and reach of your company, new technologies are making an immediate impact on the workplace. Companies are now adopting new technology ranging from mobile safety apps to virtual reality as old bulletin boards are making way for digital signage as a core tool for employee communications.

Start Your Journey to a Safe & Engaging Workplace

As a leader in workplace communication Marlin delivers content that is current, issue-aware, visually compelling and easy to understand. In your daily journey toward a safe and engaging workplace, we are a partner that walks in-step with both the unique demands of your company and the overall industry trends. Find out how workplace digital signage can help keep your workplace safe and compliant.

Anna Nieman
November 12, 2018

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