Are You Sick of Sneakernet?

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Recently, I was going through an internal report of our newest customers. In this report was a list of frustrations each customer had before buying our workplace communications program. One frustration that kept popping up was a variation of sneakernet; some poor soul who has to run around with a flash drive updating PowerPoints on screens throughout their facility.

Sneakernet happens when companies who need to communicate think they can do it themselves by using only PowerPoint and some display screens. Does it work? Yes. Does it work well? No.

If the application is simple, it can be an OK solution for a company posting one or two pieces of information a week in one location. But the vast majority of our customers need to do much more; they need to communicate on diverse issues such as safety, productivity, quality, teamwork, morale and employee milestones. This requires a lot of content creation. And if they have multiple locations in their building or across the country, it multiplies the complexity.

As a workplace communications system grows from a single location to something more complex, the sneakernet concept quickly sours. At best it’s inefficient, at worst it’s impossible and just won’t get done, causing the system to fail. Most companies don’t want their IT people running around copying files from flash drives when there’s more important work to be done.

Get Rid of Sneakernet Today

Say no to sneakernet and invest in a system designed from the bottom up to help you communicate effectively with your employees.

Frank Kenna III
January 30, 2019

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