More Smartphone Apps = Improved Workplace Productivity

By Frank Kenna

It’s hard to find a much more creative bed of activity than in the smartphone area.  There are now over 100,000 apps out there, with the number growing rapidly.  While many of these are games, there are also a ton of them for the workplace.  For example, I have apps for a to-do list, airline flight tracking, dictating memos, LinkedIn, CNBC and a GPS, all of which help improve my workplace productivity.

A really creative one I read about recently is MedWaitTime, which allows patients to check with their doctor’s office before arrival to see what the waiting time currently is.  Having just waited one full hour the other day in this exact situation, I can really appreciate the promise of this idea.

I think it’s interesting to imagine, who thinks of these and how do they come up with them? Were people always thinking of solutions but there was just no platform (smartphone) to run it on?  Why aren’t all these ideas developed for regular PCs?

Something changed with the advent of the smartphone.  The portability, ease of use, power and connectivity have made this the ideal vehicle for these mini applications.  Being a publisher of content for workplace communications, I wonder when we’ll see apps for employee safety, workplace productivity, customer service, and quality?  Maybe they’re already in development, but I haven’t seen them yet.  I wonder what such an app would look like… would it tie into corporate databases or be stand-alone?  Would it be a customized, company-specific app, say for how long a customer has to wait to talk to a service rep at a particular company, or would it be a more general customer service app that would work with many companies? Would it enable companies to push message alerts to employees on particular topics such as safety or quality?  I guess the next couple of years will tell.

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Sharon Toelle
June 17, 2010

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