A Simple Solution to Driver Retention

Driver Retention

With the truck driver shortage showing no signs of letting up, trucking companies are getting creative about how to attract drivers. But in an industry with a 96% turnover rate, getting drivers through the door is only part of the problem. Retaining those drivers is a whole other issue.

The Driver Retention Problem

A recent article in Transport Topics shed some light on why it’s so hard to keep drivers. Examining Sources of Driver Stress points to three key challenges for trucking companies: drivers suffer from poor well-being, they feel disrespected, and they’re frustrated by governmental regulations. This creates a workforce with low morale and little staying power.

For the average transportation manager – who needs to fill routes, manage fuel costs, implement new regulations – the idea of addressing an industry-wide problem can be overwhelming.

The Driver Retention Solution

But, there is a simple way to address drivers’ concerns at a very local level, and it doesn’t involve changes to health insurance, compensation or regulation. It’s a basic but powerful solution: increased communication.

In a national survey conducted by Marlin earlier this year, we found that the majority of employees (75%) trust what their employers tell them, and they feel more valued when their companies communicate with them regularly.

So, as the owner or manager of a trucking company, you’re actually in a unique position to affect your drivers’ morale just by increasing your level of communication. And, since they trust what you tell them, you have the ability to cover your agenda items and to target your drivers’ main areas of concern, namely well-being, respect and regulations.

Sounds pretty easy? It can be, but with so much already on your plate, the easiest way to get started is to find a partner who can do the heavy lifting for you. 

Your Partner in Workplace Communication

At Marlin, we’re helping trucking companies throughout the North American supply chain communicate with their drivers. We provide transportation managers with a simple visual communication strategy that helps them share company information and also addresses the issues facing today’s drivers. Our easy-to-use workplace digital signage solution makes it simple to reach drivers across shifts and locations, and our award-winning content covers important compliance, safety and health issues specific to life on the road.

So, let FMCSA collect feedback on potential changes to HOS, and let politicians debate changes to FAA’s meal-and-rest-break rules. Those changes may impact driver retention – in time.

You can make a difference today, and Marlin would like to help. To find out more, contact us today!

Carolyn Voelkening
September 20, 2018

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