Why Sticking to Your Business Works

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Does your company fix its own HVAC system when it breaks down?

Does it clean its own carpets?

Stock its own vending machines?

Write its own word processing software?

Or course not, because that’s not your business. So why would you try to create your own workplace communications system?

As CEO, I can tell you it takes millions of dollars each year to produce a world-class workplace communications product. You need artists, copywriters, creative directors, software engineers, IT experts – the list goes on. The vast majority of companies can’t afford to do this themselves, nor would they have the expertise. But many try, which is really a shame, because after months or years or trying, it’s very typical for them to give up. That’s a lot of frustration and wasted resources that could have been spent on whatever their core service or product is.

To me, trying to write your own word processing software or fixing your HVAC system makes about as much sense as trying to build an in-house workplace communications system. If you’re looking for such a system, find a company that does it for a living and save yourself time, money and a lot of frustration and wasted resources.

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Frank Kenna III
January 15, 2019

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