Top Communication Methods for Engaging Employees

Category: Workplace Communication

by Jude Carter

In a recent Employee Engagement Survey, IABC reported that the most common communication tools for supporting employee engagement and productivity are email and company intranets. Of the 900 communications professionals surveyed, nearly half said that employers communicate using Facebook, instant messaging and Twitter.

OK, but what happens in those work environments where some workers don’t have email or access to the intranet (if there even is one)? Think about 3rd and 4th shift workers, or all the 24/7 industries like nursing homes, hotels and hospitals. We need to make sure that these workers are not falling through the cracks because they might be “off the grid”.

For decades Marlin has been helping managers improve workplace communication and employee engagement. Many of our customers manage multi-shift workforces. Our visual communication programs have helped them reach, engage, inform and motivate workers at all levels. While many of their workers do not have access to email, they are using technology to engage workers with electronic display boards that display workplace messages on safety, quality and productivity.

When we asked these same customers how they were using social media, they told a different story from the IABC poll. 64% said that their companies had no involvement in social media. Concerns over lost time and productivity had them restricting Facebook (52%), YouTube (44%) and Twitter (43%).

The communications landscape is changing at warp speed. It’s our job as managers to determine which combination of tools will be most effective for our workforce. It’s a delicate balancing act of embracing new technology, while at the same time making sure that we’re reaching everyone.

Jude Carter
September 28, 2010

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