4 Tips for Unimpeachable Workplace Communications

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There’s a lot of talk going on about the possible impeachment of the U.S. president, centering around the content of a phone call to the Ukraine president. The problem is, depending who you listen to, the call either was completely innocent or grounds to impeach. And these opinions are from mainstream news people and senior government officials. How can there be such different views of the same facts? Who to believe?

Unfortunately, this is all very dividing, but does suggest some lessons for good workplace communications. Here are four tips that we’ve learned over the years from working with thousands of companies on their internal employee communications:

Speak with one voice.

This means being sure there is management consensus on any major communications before they are released.

Have an official communications vehicle.

This could be a designated email account, blog or newsletter. I also recommend posting it on a bulletin board or your digital signage, assuming you have one or the other. Posting in public makes sure that everyone sees it, especially those without email accounts.

Sign it.

The communication should be from someone, not just “the company.” Having the message associated with a person makes it more credible.

Have somewhere to go where employees can get clarifications.

When employees have questions, which they inevitably do, it’s important to have a person/place with answers. This could be the person who wrote the email, or a more standard place like human resources.

Employees want and need to know what’s happening with the company. Following these steps will make your communications process straightforward and, hopefully, unimpeachable.


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Frank Kenna III
October 9, 2019

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