Do weather forecasts belong on your workplace digital signage?

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TV newscasts lead with the weather a whopping 40% of the time. And most of us walk around with mobile weather stations in the form of smartphone apps. So you’d think that Doppler radar maps and weather forecasts on workplace digital signage wouldn’t be a necessity. But you’d be wrong. In fact, a weather feed may be the best prescription for an effective digital signage program. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits:

Attract repeat viewers. When employees can count on seeing weather feeds on your digital signage, they’ll come back for more. It’s all about our tendency to follow the path of least resistance. You simply can’t beat the ease in which a weather forecast on your big screens can be taken in and digested. Yes, smartphone apps are just a few clicks away. But even those few clicks could be just enough work to make your digital signage weather feeds look like the more attractive choice. And if your company has a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that prohibits smartphone use at work, then the benefit of displaying a weather feed on your digital signage becomes even more apparent. 

Break down silos. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or a line worker; everyone is interested in the weather. This presents an amazing opportunity for bonding and sharing across titles and departments, particularly if your digital signage screen can be segmented into multiple frames. A conversation that starts off about the weather can quickly grow to encompass the other content on your screens, from production metrics to the latest company initiatives and updates.

Employee safety. As much as the local news stations have turned weather forecasts into infotainment, it’s unquestionable that a last-minute weather update could save a life. The weather warnings don’t have to be about something as extraordinary as an approaching tornado. Even a simple notice about fog or the potential for icing could make the difference for employees as they leave the building. This end-of-day digital signage check-in could become part of their routine. And it’s one more opportunity to promote safety initiatives that go beyond weather reports.

So where do you start? Make sure you choose a digital signage provider that offers a few options for local weather input. Perhaps a built-in local weather feed. And certainly look for the option to add RSS and URLs from online weather services or your local news stations. You may want a combination of icon-based forecasts for ease in readability, along with a variety of Doppler radar maps, heat index maps, or satellite maps.

Weather forecasts on your workplace Digital Signage? You bet! And for once there’s a guarantee that the weather will be on your side.  Give it a try today.

Sean Donnelly
February 10, 2016

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