Will Fulfillment Hiring Blitz Threaten Your Company’s Long-Term Ratings?

Fulfillment hiring blitz threatens ratings

Amazon is just one of many online retailers ramping up fulfillment staffing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But while the rush is on to immediately get these new workers offloading trucks, processing orders, picking stock and preparing shipments, an unexpected complication may be at hand.

Right now, the world is very forgiving of its online retailers. Issues with shipments, damage, and delays may go without rebuke. Everyone understands that this particular workforce is strained. Unfortunately, this customer goodwill may fade over time, just as retailers try to capitalize on the long-term acceptance of online shopping that’s been fueled by COVID-19 social distancing advice.

So how do companies ensure that all of these new fulfillment employees get the onboarding, training, and inclusiveness necessary to maintain a healthy warehouse and product distribution model well into the future? It’s time to get back to basics.

What companies need to keep doing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Especially during a hiring flurry, good internal communication is essential. The challenge, as always, is reaching and engaging those employees—new or otherwise.

If your organization relies upon managers to conduct stand-up meetings and one-on-ones, this is the time to find additional resources for employee communication, instruction and feedback. Workplace digital signage, placed throughout a warehouse, including in breakrooms, can help reinforce policy, recognize employees, increase morale, and support company culture. Whether you choose a highly visible form of communication like digital signage or some other internal communication medium, remember to address the basics:

  •       Safety reminders
  •       Fulfillment KPIs
  •       Quality control & continuous improvement
  •       Staffing updates
  •       HR information
  •       Corporate updates

Additionally, remember to weave feel-good messaging into your workplace communications. Employee recognition is a must. All of these new hires need to feel included and a part of your workplace culture. Fundamentally, the fastest way to do this is to make sure they’re empowered with information and encouragement.

Good news all warehouse and distribution managers should embrace

The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that more people trust businesses than they trust either the government or the media. What does this mean in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic? Companies are in a unique, important position to educate their employees with COVID-19 verified facts and advice. You can pass information along from trusted sources like the CDC and WHO. But it doesn’t need to end there. Executives and managers simply can embrace a policy of open communication and an easy method for making sure that information is distributed in a consistent, timely manner. The result will be a workforce that shines for a very long time… no matter what was going on in the world when they were hired.

Sean Donnelly
March 31, 2020

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