Will You be Hiring in 2011?

by Jude Carter

It looks like the job market for skilled and qualified workers will improve in the coming year. According to employment experts Koncz and Shatkin, prospects look good for:
· Accounting
· Registered nurses
· Medical Assistants
· Dental assistants
· Medical and health services managers
· Medical and health information technicians
· Paralegals
· Legal assistants
· Computer network administrators

Since the recession hit, so much focus has been on workforce reduction… and concern over employee morale for those left standing. For the industries represented in this list, it’s time to shift your thinking to what it takes to attract top talent. It’s not good enough to say that it’s an employers’ market.

Have you actually ever thought about your “employer brand”?  Companies spend millions on brand building with the goal of attracting and keeping customers. Have you stopped to look at yourself from the outside in—-from a job candidates’ point of view? What’s their first impression of your company, your workplace culture and your brand?

The way a candidate experiences your company as a prospective employee is a combination of how you market the career opportunity, the overall recruitment experience and how they were treated in the process. Were they handled like human capital or human beings? Were you sensitive to their time and interests? Did you communicate the opportunity clearly and follow up in a timely manner? Did the face-to-face experience match up with how the job or company was described?

Filling any job is a two-way street. You know what you want in a candidate. Now ask yourself, are you what they are looking for?

Jude Carter
December 30, 2010

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