Get it? Got it? Good! A winning formula for your workplace digital signage.

One of the most common questions that people ask when considering digital signage as a tool for improving workplace communication is, “How do I know if this is going to work?” And they don’t mean the technology. That’s the easy part. It’s the content that will drive results…or not.

If you’re clear on your objective for deploying digital signage, (e.g., creating a culture of safety, or consistent communication across the enterprise), and you’ve developed a content strategy that aligns to that, then you should be in good shape.

If not, it’s a “garbage in- garbage out” situation. If all you’re doing is posting some bad PowerPoints with too many bullets, or Excel spreadsheets that are impossible to read and even harder to interpret, don’t be surprised if your employees walk right by without even noticing the screens.

So, what’s the answer? Actually, it’s pretty simple. It needs to pass this test: Get it? Got it? Good!

In order for your employees to “get it”, the content needs to engage them. It doesn’t matter how important your message is if nobody reads it.

Keep it visual. Videos, photos, dashboards and infographics will catch their attention.
Show them you care. Recognize individuals & departments. Post anniversaries and birthdays. Welcome new employees.
Get them talking. Create buzz by getting your employees to submit yearbook, prom or baby photos for a crazy game of who WAS that?
Make them proud. Display customer feedback. Create a logo wall of all your new customers. Post pictures of your products at work.

“Got it” means that they understand it and it’s relevant to them.

Are you talking to ME? Make sure you understand your audience. Are they office workers, line workers or drivers? Boomers or millennials?
Why should I care? Post content that will educate, motivate and inform. Some messages are universal: HR updates, company announcement & weather. Be sure to mix it up with job-specific content (safety, KPIs, work schedules, etc.). And you’d better have the right content playing on the right screens.
You do the math. Not everyone loves data as much as you do. Make it really easy to understand. Use dashboards & charts that are simple and colorful and offer a brief explanation to set context. Show real-time recordables using automatic counters.
Tell them where to go. Digital signage offers a great way to advertise your messages to your employees. Think headline and subhead and then tell them where they can learn more. Whether it’s a job posting or information on the new health insurance plan, add a QR code, or direct them to the intranet or the right person.

Good is what happens when all of these things work together.

Get it? Got it?  Good!

Jude Carter
February 11, 2016

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