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Companies work hard to build their brands because it helps differentiate them from competitors. Whether you prefer the Windows or Macintosh operating system for your computer, you know what the advantages of each are and likely use one or the other.

However, in addition to established brands, there are dozens of ‘open source’ operating systems that are free. Why do users still prefer the established brands? It’s because strong brands stand for something: quality, reliability, big user bases, predictability, good security, and so on. Those features are worth paying for, which is why over 82% of people use them.

When it comes for workplace digital signage, it’s no different. There are free and super low-cost choices out there, but Marlin has the largest share of the market. And that’s because we’ve spent the last 15 years investing and innovating to deliver the best enterprise-class product possible.

Some elements of our brand include:

User base

Our product is in over 15,000 locations around the world. That’s a real stat, not inflated by freebies or demos: It’s made up of 100% paid subscriptions. Thousands of company managers have made the decision that Marlin delivers real value for the dollars paid.


100% of our customers are workplaces and use our product to communicate to their employees. We don’t have products for airport flight boards, quick-serve restaurants, or retail store advertising. That’s just not our brand.


We produce dynamic, industry specific content that addresses workplace issues, so our customers don’t have to worry about doing that. We understand the power of visual storytelling and offer it to customers in an engaging format. We’ve produced tens of thousands of content videos that have made a material difference in the lives of our customers’ employees.


We’ve been in business for 105 years, in workplace communications for 76, and in digital workplace communications for 15. That’s a strong track record with experience that matters. We’ve navigated the ups and downs of economic cycles. Our customers know they can count on us to be here for as long as they need us.


Our customer care team routinely scores 98%-100% in customer satisfaction in our monthly internal surveys. We know how to solve problems when they happen, and want our customers to be treated just like we’d expect to be.

Start Improving Your Workplace Communications Today

These are core pillars of our brand. We are serious about helping our customers communicate with their most important asset – their employees. We work with thousands of customers that feel the same way. If you’re as serious about your brand as we are about ours, contact us to discover how we can get our brand working for you.

Frank Kenna III
December 12, 2018

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