Solving Your Workplace Communications Problem the Right Way

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have a problem reaching all your employees with your company’s important messaging. And you’re likely considering digital signage as a solution.

Speaking with 15 years’ experience of producing digital signage for thousands of companies, I have two categories for you to think about in terms of the right – and wrong – way to communicate to your employees using digital signage.


The wrong way – Thinking that you can take whatever you have on your computer and just post it. There are two problems here. First, the typical formatting for Office docs, PDFs and photos probably won’t fit your screen. Second, you’ll run out of content quickly given that digital signage has a huge appetite for new stuff, and you want new stuff. There’s nothing worse than employees seeing the same old content playing endlessly, which is one of the top problems for do-it-yourself signage. All of this extra hassle will take more time away from solving your initial problem of getting the right messages to your employees.

The right way – By finding a system that has pre-designed templates, you can take your existing materials and transform them into good-looking content. And having a source that will provide you with content feeds that match up with the issues you’re trying to address will make it that much easier. This will give you plenty of content and take at least 50% of the creative burden off your shoulders


The wrong way – Trying to use software that’s designed for some other purpose. Have you ever tried to type a long essay or report on your phone? Sure, it’s possible, but not something you’d want to do every day. The vast majority of digital signage software is designed for multiple applications such as airport flight displays, restaurant menu boards and retail advertising signage. Yes, it will work for workplace content too, but you’ll have to wade through tons of menus, options and layouts that don’t apply to what you’re doing.

The right way – Save yourself a lot of trial, error and frustration and buy a system with software designed for what you’re trying to do. Learn more about Marlin’s workplace digital signage system here and start solving your workplace communications problem today.

Frank Kenna III
December 6, 2018

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