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Content Formula

Marlin has thousands of companies across North America that rely on us for their workplace communications. We help them by providing cloud-based digital signage that goes into their breakrooms, cafeterias and other public areas, but that’s only half the story.

Digital signage without a communications strategy results in a dumb screen hanging on a wall. Recognizing this, since releasing our DS product, we have taken three major steps to make communication simple for Marlin customers:

Right from the beginning, we included workplace content with our DS, based on our decades of experience creating print content for the workplace. While technology has changed workplace communications radically, the issues companies face have remained remarkably similar.

Last year we introduced our Content Formula, showing the 4 primary communications categories our customers demand, along with the percentage of each they get automatically using our product:

  • Compliance – 35%
  • Performance – 35%
  • Culture – 20%
  • Morale – 10%

This year we introduced the Content Program, a comprehensive year-long schedule of content for our manufacturing customers. The program reflects the Content Formula, reinforcing required critical compliance topics and promoting a healthy workplace culture. It’s content strategy in action, appearing automatically on customers’ screens and taking the responsibility off their shoulders. Customers can plan ahead and add in-house materials in advance, using Marlin’s content strategy as a framework on which to build.

These evolutionary steps show Marlin’s commitment to anticipating our customers’ communications needs, making it simple for them to communicate sometimes complex and difficult issues.

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Check out samples of our Content; a 1-1/2 minute video about the Content Formula;  a sample of our Content Formula for our industrial customers; and a 3-minute video showing how it all works together to solve your workplace communications needs.

Frank Kenna III
October 29, 2019

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