2 Tips to Give Your Workplace Digital Signage Charisma

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According to an article in the Oct. 20 edition of The Wall Street Journal, there are two primary attributes that determine if a person has charisma. It got me wondering if digital signage (DS) can have charisma too, giving it the ability to communicate better than a system without it.

The article states that influence, having a presence and ability to sway, and affability, being able to make people comfortable, are the main ingredients for charisma. Those characteristics also apply to your DS, but if they don’t then no one will pay attention.

So how do you make sure you have charismatic DS? Here are two ways to make it happen:

1. Influence – Your DS needs to have a presence. Meaning, people should notice it when they walk into a room, focusing on the content. Word documents with black type on a white background won’t cut it. Neither do low resolution, fuzzy PDFs, or photos. Instead, use templates to jazz up your messaging, preferably with some animation built in. For fuzzy PDFs, ask the person who sent it to you for the original document and convert it yourself (some DS systems, like Marlin’s, will automatically do the conversion for you). If any of this seems daunting, find someone in your company who likes working with videos and design, and they’ll likely be able to do it in a snap.

2. Affability – The messaging in your DS needs to be inviting and have some humor. That means posting softer content, perhaps about employees’ hobbies or pets. For six ideas on how to do this, check out this blog from 2015. Humor can come from a funny YouTube video, photo, or quote which you can easily find online.

Focusing on these two ingredients for charisma will turn your DS into a communication vehicle that people will pay attention to and care about… which is why you installed it in the first place, right?

Frank Kenna III
October 31, 2017

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