Is Your Workplace Digital Signage Overdesigned?

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By Frank Kenna

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”– Albert Einstein

If you use digital signage for communicating in your workplace, you know how vital simplicity is. Ease of use is a top requirement for most communicators, who often have little time to design and post content; they need to get it done, now. And yet, many digital signage systems are, IMHO, over-designed and complicated.

Workplace Digital Signage “Features”

So why would anyone buy a digital signage system that has extra “features” that they don’t need? Because we all are receptive to marketing, and often buy products, including workplace digital signage, with features that look good, but that we don’t end up using. Did you ever buy a car with a sunroof, picturing yourself cruising down a mountain road with your hair blowing in the wind – and then use it only once or twice? Or join a fancy gym with hundreds of pieces of state of the art machines, but end up using the same treadmill every time? And remember electric knives and can openers? The same could be said of fancy, over-the-top digital signage designs that offer a plethora of features one may never use. They were fun for a while, but most people now use the simpler, more-reliable kind.

Many digital signage systems have tons of additional features because they need to work in multiple environments, such as retail stores, sports stadiums, or fast-food restaurants. If you’re looking for workplace digital signage, you won’t need – or want – most of those features as they may end up being clutter for the administrator.

Simple Digital Signage Design

With digital signage design, the goal should be to keep it simple. While a digital signage demo with lots of bells and whistles may look impressive while someone else is driving, you’ll eventually need to make it work yourself. You’ll want to be able to start it up and use it immediately, without wading through lots of features designed for unrelated environments.

My advice is to look for the right tool for the job at hand. If the situation is workplace communications, then find a solution that fits.

Frank Kenna III
February 2, 2018

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