What If You Ordered Workplace Digital Signage Like a Restaurant Meal?

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It’s great to take a break from cooking at home and step out for a nice restaurant meal. You get an entire menu of food to choose from and you can just sit there, relax, and the food eventually appears like magic. That’s why restaurant sales in the U.S. are almost $800 billion a year and employ 15 million people.

Now let’s say that you and a friend go out for a meal this weekend and you know it’s going to be about $50 a person. You’re about to walk into the restaurant when a guy walks up to you and says, “You should come to my restaurant next door. It’s a beautiful place and I’ll only charge you $25 a person.” You decide to try it and walk into his restaurant. As you sit down the waiter comes over and puts down some water. You ask for the menu and he says, “Oh at this restaurant you have to make your own food. The kitchen’s back there and there are some ingredients in the refrigerator you’re welcome to use.” You walk back into the kitchen and see an old residential stove, refrigerator and plastic cooking utensils. Your friend says, “What kind of @#$%&! restaurant is this, anyway!?”

This is a preposterous scenario, but it’s similar to what many people run into when they buy a digital signage system for their company. They may get good looking equipment, but the important stuff – the creation tools and content – is left up to them.

Why Look For The Right Tools?

You may think this is a dramatization but it’s not. The #1 reason people go to a restaurant is to get prepared food. And the #1 reason managers buy digital signage is to display content. So why would they buy a system without the proper means to create and display it? At first they may think that they will be able to come up with all the content they’ll need. But our decades of experience tells us, in the vast majority of cases, they either can’t or won’t. Like cooking a gourmet meal every day, creating content for your company that can really engage your employees on important subjects is hard to do. The good news is that you don’t have to. There are tools designed specifically for workplace content creation and pre-made content feeds to address your most important issues, taking that burden off your shoulders.

How To Get Started

If you want to avoid someday asking yourself, “What kind of @#$%&! digital signage is this, anyway!?,” check out our turnkey system to engage and educate your employees.

Frank Kenna III
July 9, 2018

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