Does Your Workplace Safety PowerPoint Presentation Need a Face Lift?

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If your employee safety trainings are feeling tired or your toolbox talks are getting rusty, it could be time to spruce up your visual safety presentation. But don’t worry–there’s no need for you to go out and get a marketing degree or spend hours on a PowerPoint overhaul. The best way to breathe new life into your safety presentation is to simplify it.

What’s the point of your workplace safety presentation?

Before you start to build or revamp your safety PowerPoint presentation, ask yourself a simple question: What’s the single, most important thing that I want employees to walk away with? Or, what one behavior do I want to reinforce? Has there been a workplace safety incident or near miss that you need to address? Have your employees been negligent in wearing their PPE? Write a simple takeaway statement on a slide and frame your presentation at the beginning and end with this one simple point.

Bite-sized is better

We’ve all sat through workplace safety presentations where the presenter simply reads a long list of bullet points from the slide. A more effective way to engage your audience is to put one topic or concept on each slide and then talk about it. Use the words on the slide as a visual cue for yourself, the subject matter expert, and elaborate in your own plain language.

Say goodbye to WordArt

And speaking of plain language, here’s a situation where plain design can help you get your message across. With its funky angles and 3D shapes, WordArt actually makes your presentation harder to read. Imagine if Safety Data Sheets or OSHA Quick Cards used WordArt! Try a simple bolded, large-sized font with an eye-catching color to emphasize information.

Animation Overload

Too much of a good thing is, well, too much. Adding a lot of animation to a workplace safety presentation can turn a simple PowerPoint build into an elaborate construction project. And, while a few simple animations can help you make your point, too much swirling and flying text ultimately distracts from your important message.

A Picture IS worth 1,000 words

Including a couple key images in your presentation can make all the difference, especially if your audience struggles to read English. It’s a visual world, and we know that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Plus, images alongside text make it much more likely that people will remember the information. But don’t worry about trying to illustrate every point. Remember, you’re a workplace safety professional, not a graphic designer. Find one or two relevant graphics that drive home your main takeaway and leave it at that.

Background Basics

Even if you use the perfect images, the right amount of text and animations, the PowerPoint is only effective if your audience can actually see it! If you’re using a background color or gradient, one easy way to confirm the readability of the presentation is to print it out in black and white. If it’s hard to read in B&W, it will be hard to read in color on the screen.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

A simple, clear and well-designed workplace safety PowerPoint presentation can be used over and over again. Because you’ve structured your presentation with a clear takeaway, it can stand on its own, without explanation. It becomes part of your content library, at the ready for future safety meetings or to share through your employee-facing digital signage.

Give Your Safety Information a Face Lift Today

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Carolyn Voelkening
March 28, 2019

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