3 Simple Steps for Sourcing Workplace Digital Signage

3 Simple Steps for Sourcing Workplace Digital Signage

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Wednesday July 22, 2015

If you’re like most buyers of workplace digital signage (DS), the reason you need it is to create the ability to communicate your company’s critical issues to your employees. Which begs the question: How do you get all the information from your desk, computer and enterprise systems and into the DS… easily?

First, let’s identify the typical stuff you want to communicate. Here are the four main content categories and examples of each:

Corporate news: CEO videos, stock price, new TV ads.

HR information: Employee of the month, service anniversaries, 401k updates, medical insurance news and health & wellness info.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Production & shipping data, cost reduction progress, revenue improvement, customer satisfaction metrics.

Situational awareness: Days/hours worked since last accident, local traffic & weather, today’s lunch menu.

Identifying what you want to communicate is a good first step, but there is an equally important consideration, which is identifying the format the data is currently in. For example, KPIs may currently be in spreadsheets on your desktop, or in a database on your ERP system. Your company stock price may come from an internal data feed or you may want to use a web-based source like CNBC or Yahoo Finance. An employee of the month piece might be a PowerPoint document or a jpeg. The different type of format can make a big difference in your DS selection.

The bottom line here is that it’s important not to get the content strategy mixed up with the system strategy. You can make this easy by following these three steps when looking for DS:

#1. Define your communication objectives.

#2. Identify the content your company currently produces and any outside collateral you want to use (web, agency-produced, etc.) that supports those objectives.

#3. Slice and dice items 1&2 by type of content. For example, web-based, Microsoft Office, company databases, etc. 

Once you have answers to this short list, particularly #3, you will have a good basis to start your DS search by making sure the final choice handles most of your formats quickly and easily.


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