Generating New Ideas from Employee Suggestions?

By, Sharon on Thursday May 20, 2010

By Frank Kenna

I love my iPhone and must admit to having a few games on there.  One of my favorites is “Wurdle,” a sort-of crossword puzzle game.  The game starts with a layout of letters, and you have two minutes to see how many words you can find.  It’s fun, and harder than it looks.

What drives me crazy – and keeps me coming back – is that I’ll usually find about 10-15 words.  Then, at game end, you can have it show you all the words you didn’t find.  A typical puzzle has about 200.  I look at them, especially the common ones, and think, “How could I have missed that one? I can’t believe it didn’t see it.”  That happens on every single game.

Thinking about my company, I started wondering about the same thing.  How many opportunities are right THERE, but I can’t see them?  This happens to every manager and every employee on a regular basis.  We miss obvious ideas and solutions.  We may be looking for the wrong things, be over stressed… or just not looking. 

Ever had a new employee come in and almost instantly question a procedure that’s in place, and you realize that it can be eliminated?  Or that there’s a faster, more efficient way to do something?  Cross training, and inter-department task teams and employee suggestion programs are some of the ways to identify opportunities like these. 

What are you missing? 

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