Increase Profitability and Productivity by Encouraging Great Ideas

Increase Profitability and Productivity by Encouraging Great Ideas

By, Sharon on Friday June 18, 2010

By Frank Kenna

In the June 15 The Wall Street Journal, Gerald Seib wrote that, “[President] Obama finds himself in an exquisite political and policy dilemma,” between priming the economic pump (more debt) and showing he’s serious about attacking the soaring national deficit. 

And I agree; looked at from that perspective it’s an almost impossible choice to balance the two.  But what’s missing in this discussion is a possible REAL solution, that being creation of new wealth.  After all, that’s what made us the great country we are.  In the past, government has helped spurt this by creating policy that lets individuals and businesses create great ideas and flourish… THAT’S where new wealth comes from, THAT’S how jobs are created and tax coffers filled.  Unfortunately, this topic seems to be absent from all the discussions taking place in Washington these days. 

Here at The Marlin Company, we know that companies can increase profitability at ongoing operations by increasing productivity, focusing on better quality, reducing workplace accidents – and by encouraging a positive, can-do attitude to employees.  The workplace is where this all takes place – not in Washington. 

We need national leadership that will inspire this kind of thinking, instead of the corporate bashing, higher taxes and ever-more deficit spending we’re seeing.  While we at Marlin focus on helping companies with their internal workplace communications, it would be great to see some upbeat, positive workplace communications on a national basis by our elected leaders.  Encouraging American workers to be positive, creative and to produce more is an ingredient that is sorely missing in today’s political environment.


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