Pre-planning to be safe and productive in the workplace?

By, Sharon on Tuesday May 25, 2010

By Frank Kenna

Here’s a funny cartoon… funny because of the absurdity of the situation.  The surgeon’s drinking a martini at a bar with his soon-to-be patient and asking him if he’s ready to start.  Ha ha… this could never happen, although it’s funny to think about.  But what if it DID happen?  The result would be a botched job, a lawsuit, even death.

So let’s think how this applies to workplace preparedness.  How prepared are you for what’s coming up tomorrow?  Do you prepare thoroughly for each day, or just show up?  The tone starts with us as leaders. After all, we set the objectives for our organizations…workplace safety, employee motivation, or workplace productivity. How do our actions support these goals? How about your employees?  Do they understand their part in acheiving these goals, and have they been properly trained so that they are prepared each day?

Most people don’t go to this level of preparedness.  We don’t need to prepare like a surgeon, because what we’ll be doing tomorrow isn’t really that important. 


Cartoon from Barron’s, by P.C. Vey.


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