Workplace Safety: Accidents Happen When Least Expected

Workplace Safety: Accidents Happen When Least Expected

By, Sharon on Wednesday February 23, 2011

By Frank Kenna

Ever given yourself a multiple-puncture wound while making breakfast?  Well, I managed to do just that last weekend.

I was getting ready to eat a bowl of melon pieces and started to take a fork out of the silverware drawer in our kitchen.  While raising the fork out of the drawer, I happened to notice a fork already out on the counter and decided to use it instead.  So I dropped the first fork back into the drawer and pushed it closed.  The problem was that the fork didn’t drop back into the drawer.  It got hung up on some other silverware at a 45 degree angle, so as I closed the drawer I drove it right into my other hand which was resting on the counter.  Three of the 4 prongs went into my finger.  Ouch! 

The story has a happy ending having to do with soap, water and Bacitracin.  But it was one of those reminders of how an accident can happen at any time while performing the most mundane and familiar tasks.

What if I had been running a power saw or drill?  The story would have ended in the hospital instead of the medicine cabinet. 

The same goes for workplace safety.  Accidents can – and do – happen during the most routine activities.  And that’s why we can never stop spreading the word about proper safety procedures, wearing the correct safety equipment and PPE, and raising safety consciousness every day.