Are you sure you want a safety message board?

Are you sure you want a safety message board?

Sean Donnelly

By, Sean Donnelly on Friday January 08, 2016

Picture it: a slick-looking large screen monitor that’s dedicated to all of your safety messaging. No more tacking up safety posters and memos to bulletin boards and walls around your facility. This is a vision many managers have of safety-specific workplace digital signage. Unfortunately, it’s probably the exact opposite of what you want. You just don’t know it yet.

We all start the digital signage search with a specific goal in mind. If you’re a safety manager, you may be tempted to optimize the ‘board’ for safety-related PowerPoints, photos, video, memos, etc., everything from YouTube crash videos to reminders about PPE. And maybe you’re looking for an easy way to show all of this multimedia content in one place. True, digital signage is perfect for this. But that would be missing one crucial benefit that the right kind of digital signage can provide—audience cultivation and retention.

Yup, as soon as you get in the digital signage content business, you become your own mini TV network. And as the networks know, an audience demands variety and something that always looks new. So why would you want to limit your digital signage audience by showing only one topic over and over again?

Instead, here is how many safety managers are finding success with actually attracting workers to their safety messages AND making sure that workers want to take a look again and again.

1. Frames

There are times when you’ll want to dedicate your entire message board to one piece. But good digital signage software will enable you to split your safety board for multiple messages that can play simultaneously. Many managers use those additional frames for non-essential, but eye-catching messaging. It could be a news, weather, or sports feed. Or maybe it’s an employee recognition photo. Whatever that additional content is, the ability to put that content into multiple frames is essential to attracting an audience to your overall digital signage venue.

2. Sharing

Remember when mom said to be nice and share with others? Well, this is good advice that will pay immediate dividends for your safety communications as well. Invite HR, Operations, Quality Control, and various committees or teams to contribute content to your digital signage. All of this additional content will draw even more attention to your safety boards. And there are side benefits to this tactic. The first is that every person you invite will immediately take an interest in the venue, helping to spread awareness through word-of-mouth. Second, you may actually find that certain departments can offer a budget for a more robust digital signage platform.

So, yes, you do want a ‘safety message board,’ but maybe keep that nomenclature to yourself. You’ll be the one smiling as you see workers flock to your ‘Communication Station,’ ‘Message Center,’ or any number of creative titles for your board. Just use the two techniques discussed here to make sure your safety messages are presented on a venue that is guaranteed to be seen.