Back to High School - a Free Way to Increase Employee Morale

Back to High School - a Free Way to Increase Employee Morale

By, Sharon on Thursday September 23, 2010

By Frank Kenna

Here’s a fun, “interactive” thing you can do to promote inter-department communication and improve morale.  And it’s easy and free. 

The idea is ask employees to bring in their high school photos, and then post them in a public place and let everyone guess who is who.  We started this about a week ago and it’s been a big success.  I use the word interactive in quotes, because the interaction isn’t with the posted photos, but with fellow employees looking at the photos laughing and guessing.  This will all culminate in a contest at our quarterly employee meeting where we’ll all vote on Best Hair, Most Unrecognizable, Best Preserved and Most Innocent Looking.

We’re using our ECS product to do this, which is our digital signage product, that’s running a PowerPoint show with the photos.  But you could also post them using the actual photograph or photo copies. 

I heartily recommend this as an enjoyable activity that builds employee morale.  The day we started we only had a few photos, but by day 3 they started coming in, and after a week we have just about every one, with regrets from those who couldn’t find theirs. 

Oh – and that’s yours truly above.  But you’re going to have to guess which was high school and which is now!