Building Readership for your Digital Signage, the Fun & Easy Way

Building Readership for your Digital Signage, the Fun & Easy Way

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Monday July 08, 2013

By Frank Kenna

There’s a paradox in building readership for Digital Signage (DS) systems.  As communicators, our first instinct is to load ours up with important corporate news and KPIs.  But what’s important to us needs to be ‘sold’ to our readers/employees.  If our DS systems run a 100% diet of corporate info, it’s a challenge to attract eyeballs and attention.

The answer is at first counterintuitive; to get more attention for our corporate stuff, we need to act a little less corporate.  For example, many digital signage operators already add in non-business content such as weather, news headlines, sports, entertainment news, etc., which all serve the purpose.  But you should also consider using innovative techniques for your company news.  Here’s one approach that was very successful and was actually less work for the communication folks.

Hobsons, an Ohio-based educational consulting company, has an annual meeting each year to gather all their employees together.  All the employees are anxious to learn the location each year.  But this year, instead of announcing it in the usual way, they decided to go with an idea submitted by two employees who produced this announcement video.  According to a blog written by Hobson’s Maggie Frye, it was a very positive announcement, resulting in these stats:

* Unique logins increased that day by 30%.
* Logins increased over three days by 10%.
* Views on that post were 4x greater than usual.
* They received more comments and “likes” than usual.

The video also generated many favorable comments and positive buzz.  And for the communications staff, no CEO scripts to write, slides to design, or emails to draft!

Frye wrote that the campaign was successful due to these four factors:

1. Employees are smart, talented, and want to contribute.
2. Employees pay attention to their colleagues.
3. The video struck a personal chord with its audience.
4. It was easy and enjoyable to consume.

So, if you’re about to make some type of corporate announcement on your digital signage, take a page from Hobson’s playbook and get your employees involved.  It’s fun, engaging – and it works!

Source:  Core Chat blog, by Maggie Frye