But What If You Just Need a Knife?

But What If You Just Need a Knife?

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Thursday October 31, 2013

People looking for digital signage (DS) for their workplace often get confused when shopping.  When they Google the term ‘digital signage’ they see companies promising that their DS is “smarter,” “the most popular,” “award-winning,” etc.  But so what, if their product is made for something they don’t want or need? 

The correct approach is selecting the right tool for the job.  The problem is that many DS products are like that Swiss Army Knife above; they can do many things, but if you need to do one thing day after day, a dedicated tool is the superior choice.  Most DS systems can function as menu boards, retail signage, wayfinding, airline flight status boards, etc., etc.  While having that flexibility may seem attractive on the surface, the downside is that they are difficult to use and have many capabilities that you’d never need.  Like that knife, they will work, but better solutions are available.

We produce DS specifically designed for the workplace and communicating with employees.  It does what managers need to do in a fast, easy to use manner.  Keeping a tight focus enables us to deliver functionality that is unrivaled by others.

If you’re searching for digital menus for your restaurant, look elsewhere.  But if you need a robust, easy to use DS system for communicating with your employees, you’ve come to the right place

Photo: This is an actual knife available for only $1,599!