Congress vs. Small Business

Congress vs. Small Business

By, Sharon on Friday June 11, 2010

By Frank Kenna

The general public opinion of congress continues to deteriorate.  The above findings from Gallup show a 10-year slide, currently bouncing around the 30% favorable area. 

On the other hand, another Gallup survey found that 95% of people have a positive image of small business.  That difference is huge, begging the question, why?

Well, let me give you one example.  As a reaction to the BP oil spill, there’s now a senate proposal to increase taxes on offshore oil production by 400%.  In my view, that doesn’t do anything except impose yet more taxes on business, which will inevitably be passed on to consumers, or get forced out of vendors as price concessions. Most of those consumers work for small businesses, and many of the vendors are small businesses.  And the 400% increase does nothing to help clean up the spill.  Oh, and the bill also contains provisions for extended jobless benefits and tax cuts.  Tax cuts?  What does that have to do with oil spills? 

And having Interior Secretary Salazar making comments like, “We will keep our boot on their neck until the job gets done,” is inflammatory and divisive. 

EVERYONE wants to stop the oil flow and clean up the mess.  Having government officials taking advantage of the situation to raise taxes and make militant statements, is not helping. 

The only thing it IS helping is to widen the public opinion gap between government and business. 


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