Corporate Responsibility is a Myth

Corporate Responsibility is a Myth

By, Sharon on Thursday August 19, 2010

By Frank Kenna

“Corporate accountability and responsibility are meaningless concepts.” Or so says former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich in a recent article.  He says, “If we want corporations to act differently, we have to force them to.”  Force them to?

What is up with this guy?  Doesn’t he realize that our entire economy runs on the jobs created by corporations?  He must have had some rough summer jobs as a kid, because that’s apparently the only place where he would have received any real business experience according to his bio

Having spent my entire adult life within various businesses, I can say that, to most companies, accountability and responsibility are very real and important subjects.  If he’d take a look at human resource materials from most companies, he’d see that they are filled with ways that companies and fellow employees should treat each other.  Workplace ethics are important to every manager I know.  Sure, there are always some bad apples, but bottom line – corporations DO care about responsibility. 

If Mr. Reich is any indication of how today’s government views corporations, then I think we ought to send him a few teamwork posters.