Digital Signage in the Workplace Trends

Digital Signage in the Workplace Trends

By, Sharon on Tuesday January 18, 2011

By Frank Kenna

The old employee bulletin board is obsolete. 

Sure, most companies still have one floating around somewhere, but it’s pretty much relegated to outdated memos and required government postings.  Today, managers are looking for “electronic bulletin boards.”  That’s because they still want to communicate important on the job issues, but realize that there’s got to be a better, faster, more efficient way to do it.

You can see this trend in an interesting new tool from Google Labs, called the Ngrams Viewer.  Just type in any word or phrase, and Google searches 500 billion words from books and periodicals and graphs the results.  Above are two screen shots showing the results two searches: the top from the search “bulletin board,” and the other from the search for “digital signage.” 

I searched the years from 2000 to 2008 (Google has not indexed words beyond 2008 yet.) The trends are clear;  the old technology is making way for the new.  Here at Marlin, we too are seeing this trend in our product mix, with our digital signage products taking double-digit market share gains every year. 

Whether you need to communicate about workplace safety, teamwork, morale, or post company metrics, digital signage is the wave of the future. 

And by the way – this Ngrams tool is great for analyzing your company.  Give it a try and graph your company name or type of product.  It’s a powerful use of new technology.