Does Employee Recognition Really Matter?

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Monday August 05, 2013

By Frank Kenna

Most companies that communicate effectively post content featuring employees.  Typical examples include employee of the month, birthdays, anniversaries or examples of how to do something the correct way. These pieces are extremely common; in fact we’ve produced tens of thousands of them for our customers over the past decade.  And now of course, companies with digital signage can easily produce their own.

But is it worth it?  Is there an ROI?

Like most employee communication, that’s hard to calculate since the benefit is ‘soft,’ being about employee engagement and morale.  But here’s something to think about in terms of the impact it has on the employee him or herself. 

On a pretty regular basis, we get requests from companies asking us to find old recognition pieces about employees of theirs who have passed away.  The companies get contacted by the family of the deceased employee who want the recognition piece for a memorial service.  In other words, the family remembered how much that piece had meant to the employee back when he or she had received it.  And when families want to include a company-created piece of content as part of loved ones’ memorial services, you know it’s made a big impact.

Why? It made them feel more a part of the company organization, like they made a difference.  And got them more engaged with the company, which is something that all communicators strive for.