Election Results – Now What?

Election Results – Now What?

By, Sharon on Wednesday November 03, 2010

By Frank Kenna

I’m actually not going to address yesterday’s results; there are a thousand websites you can go to for that.  Instead, I’m simply going to quote a foreign leader, who I think sums up our world position succinctly.  While I usually write about workplace issues such as safety, quality, teamwork and morale, they all rely on on a rock solid political and economic base, one that I fear is eroding.

Although Tony Blair wrote these words about his country, they apply equally to us.  In an excerpt from his book, published in The Wall Street Journal in September, he said:

I profoundly disagree with the statist, so-called Keynesian response to the economic crisis; I believe we should be projecting strength and determination abroad, not weakness or uncertainty; I think now is the moment for more government reform, not less; and I am convinced we have a huge opportunity for engagement with the new emerging and emerged powers in the world, particularly China, if we approach that task with confidence, not fear.

In short, we have become too apologetic, too feeble, too inhibited, too imbued with doubt and too lacking in mission. Our way of life, our values, the things that made us great, remain not simply as a testament to us as nations but as harbingers of human progress. They are not relics of a once powerful politics; they are the living spirit of the optimistic view of human history. All we need to do is to understand that they have to be reapplied to changing circumstances, not relinquished as redundant.

Full Article: The Wall Street Journal


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