Ever Forget to Attach an Attachment?

Ever Forget to Attach an Attachment?

By, Sharon on Tuesday June 29, 2010

By Frank Kenna

I use Microsoft Outlook and have occasionally forgotten to attach my attachments – and I’ll bet you have, too.  And I routinely get emails where the sender forgot to include the attachment, only to be followed up buy the inevitable, “Oops – sorry, forgot again… here’s the attachment.”

A quick Google search reveals page after page of third-party solutions.  Which begs the question: why doesn’t Microsoft fix this obvious flaw?

While I can’t answer that, I can relate.  We have a workplace communications product that we invented.  We constantly get suggestions in our customer service department about how to make it better.  While we prioritize the most-requested features, sometimes it takes a while to resolve them, mostly because of resource constraints. 

In Microsoft’s case, I’d think it would simply be a matter of scanning the outgoing email for the word “attach” or “attachment”, and then checking to see if there actually is one. Then they could automatically warn the sender if it’s not there.  Maybe that’s more complicated than it seems.  But when I see all the complex features added to the new Office 2010 products, it makes me wonder why the nagging attachment problem hasn’t been fixed.

After all, isn’t customer service all about keeping customers happy? That means inviting customer feedback and considering their suggestions in the product development cycle.