Fired Employees Venting with Toxic Emails

Jude Carter

By, Jude Carter on Monday May 10, 2010

Fired Employees & Toxic “Love Letters”Have you ever had an employee who, after being fired, broadcasts a toxic email to anyone and everyone at your workplace?  Not having to worry anymore about being fired, he lets it all hang out, minutely cataloging the faults of every manager he was ever associated with. 

You thought the hard part was over; that rotten apple is now gone!  Unfortunately, the poison is now continuing.  You feel helpless… after all, what can you do?  He’s out of your control now… you can’t fire him again, darn it.

Assuming there’s no legal slander or libel involved, the best thing is to ignore him.  First, he’s probably spewing the last of his anger towards you & co., and any response you or HR makes is likely to prolong the situation.  It would add fuel to the fire when it’s really best to let it die out.  Plus, your other employees may wonder what you’re being so defensive about.  You don’t want them thinking, “Maybe he does have a point there…”

Remember that your other employees knew him for what he was, and will definitely consider the source.  They know he was poison as well as you do, so will likely not give much credibility to the emails. Hopefully you won’t be the target for these kinds of emails. Just the same, it’s a good idea to develop human resource policies on company email rules and the importance of not creating a damaging digital footprint.



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