Get Everyone Involved in Spotting Workplace Safety Hazards

Get Everyone Involved in Spotting Workplace Safety Hazards

Jude Carter

By, Jude Carter on Friday June 03, 2016

When it comes to creating a culture of safety awareness, there are no magic bullets. Yet any EH&S professional will tell you that two “must haves” are clear communication and employee involvement.  It’s one thing to tell everyone what to do, and quite another to get them actively involved in helping to create a safe workplace.

Many safety professionals rely on workplace digital signage for visual communication. It’s a great way to reach workers on all shifts, many of whom do not have access to computers. It makes it easy for you to “market” your safety initiatives to your employees. With a little creativity, it becomes a very effective tool for driving engagement around specific safety objectives.

Try this technique for getting everyone involved in spotting safety hazards.

Everyone understands that the ultimate goal is to create a safe workplace by avoiding injuries and accidents. Yet, all too often, companies use one-way communication to get this point across. Get everyone in on the action by leveraging digital signage.  Here’s how:

• Create a program around Spotting Safety Hazards and use your digital signage screens to promote it. Think like you’re in the ad game and give it a name and a logo. (If you already have a program that needs a boost, here’s your chance to re-launch it.)

• Post the “Rules of the Game” for spotting safety hazards.

- What are they looking for? Remind them of the most common hazards in your industry.
- Don’t forget about safety away from work. Extend their awareness to off-the-job activities.
- Include everyone. Hazards don’t just happen in the factory or the warehouse. Include office workers, drivers, sales and service people.
- How do they submit it?  Smartphones make it easy to snap a quick picture of a hazard and text it for immediate action. If phones are prohibited in some work areas, provide alternatives via email or print submissions.
- What is the reward? Turn it into a competition and award prizes for the most submissions.
- Recognize the winners by posting their pictures on your digital signage screens.

• Use an automated counter to prominently post Days Without Accidents. 

This is just one example of how you can build safety awareness by using digital signage to promote an initiative. It has all the ingredients for success:

-  It highlights a key initiative of preventing accidents, which directly impacts the bottom line.
-  It empowers employees to take part. Empowered workers make better employees.
-  It recognizes and rewards individual contributions.
-  And it’s fun!

Here’s to a safe summer!


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