Workplace Communications: Getting It Rite the First Tyme

Workplace Communications: Getting It Rite the First Tyme

By, Sharon on Monday February 14, 2011

By Frank Kenna

Workplace communication has always been a challenge.  We know… we’ve been helping companies do it effectively since 1913. 

Technology has made vast improvements in the ability of managers to get their messages across.  For example, our Electronic Communication Station, a digital signage product, didn’t even exist 8 years ago, but today accounts for the majority of our business.

But sometimes, technology can also get in the way.  This Dilbert cartoon gives a funny example of how this can happen.  Funny, that is, when it happens to someone else. Ever send a email from your cell phone with the wrong words in it?  Or how about sending a text meant for your wife to a co-worker?  Been there, done that.  It can be amusing or embarrassing depending on the message. 

But what if it’s something really important, like safety communications or a message on quality improvements?  You just can’t afford to get those wrong. 

Even though technology can really help things speed up and increase productivity, we sometimes need to remember to slow down and get the message right.