Halloween Candy: A Revenue Source for Kids?

Halloween Candy: A Revenue Source for Kids?

By, Sharon on Friday November 05, 2010

By: Jude Carter

Have you heard about the Halloween Candy Buy-back Programs? Blue Back Dental, a practice in West Hartford, CT is participating in an innovative program. They’re paying kids to hand over their Halloween candy: $5 for the first pound and $1 for every pound thereafter. The candy is donated to a local shelter and sent to our troops through Operation Grattitude.

Here’s what I love about this idea:

· Blue Back is in the business of healthy smiles. They’re definitely reinforcing the message that huge amts of sugar are not a good thing for our teeth. They’re showing kids a way to enjoy some of their treats and share the rest w/folks who couldn’t go door-to-door scaring people and collecting treats.
· When I called them to learn more about the program, I spoke to a very enthusiastic receptionist who was very eager to filled me in on the details. Clearly theirs is a workplace culture with engaged employees committed to community service and educating our kids on healthy habits.
· As much as kids like candy, they also love having their own money, so it’s a good motivator, and a good cause. Plus it gives them a positive association with the dentist. (That means happy parents and probably loyal customers. Now that’s brilliant marketing!)
· Everybody needs a treat now and them and it’s a great idea to extend those treats overseas to our troops as a reminder of home and a show of our support.

How ‘bout you? Got any leftover Snickers?


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