Digital Signage: How to Build Readership Part 1

Digital Signage: How to Build Readership Part 1

Jude Carter

By, Jude Carter on Monday November 07, 2011

By Frank Kenna

As readers of this blog probably know by now, there’s a lot more to putting together a digital signage (DS) system than simply buying a plasma screen and computer.  In fact, that’s only the very beginning.  But I’m not going to address the hardware aspects of DS, I’ll save that for another day.  Today I’ll assume that you have your system figured out – maybe even all set up. 

Now you have to figure out how to get people to look at it. 

Oh, your employees will look at it for the first couple of weeks while it’s a new and shiny novelty.  It’s the coming months and years that are the challenge.  There are some best practices that we’ve developed over the years to help build electronic bulletin board readership, and I’ll share them with you in my next couple of posts.

The first thing to understand concerns the important stuff you want to post… you can’t post too much of it.  You weren’t thinking of posting the similar info on the same topic over and over and over, were you?  I hope not, because it won’t work.  And here’s why.

Think of posting your important issue(s) as creating advertising.  Because that’s what you really want to do: you want to advertise your important workplace issues to your employees so they’ll “buy” your ideas, right?  It’s a tried and true method that’s demonstrated by the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on advertising in the U.S. each year. 

If you think about it, you’ll realize that advertising is always connected to something that’s the primary content, such as a TV show, sporting event, news on the radio, or an Internet download.  It has to be, because no one will watch advertising all by itself.  Why would they?  And they won’t watch your “advertising” either unless you match it up with some engaging content.  It’s critical to intertwine your messaging with unrelated content to draw readership. 

Finding that content is a whole other subject that I wrote about a couple of times recently, as is getting permission to use it.

Next time I’ll continue on this subject and discuss the Whole Person Concept™, another Marlin-developed technique for building readership.  In the meantime I invite you to check out our turnkey digital signage products that can get you up and running quickly. 


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