Is It Possible to Over-Communicate when it Comes to Workplace Safety and Morale?

By, Sharon on Thursday May 27, 2010

By Frank Kenna

Not according to this guy…

Last week I was on the road with one of our reps. We had an appointment with a customer named Randy from an armored car/security company. He’s in charge of a region with 12 locations.  Currently he has one of our Electronic Communication Stations (ECS), and is considering adding more. 

We went out to the warehouse to look at their ECS.  They were playing a mix of Marlin-provided industry content, and a few custom pieces, including a scrolling message on seatbelt usage. Overall, a typical and well-balanced approach.

During our discussion, Randy mentioned that he has full P&L responsibility, so I asked him, “How does ECS help your bottom line?”

He told us that his major concerns were with driver safety and employee morale. And it was a big challenge getting people to read internal memos and focus on key company metrics.  He likes our workplace safety content saying, “Any time you can show photos of people doing things the correct way, that makes sense.”  He also likes using pictures of his own people when creating custom content. He said his people “need constant communication, 24/7; we have to get the messages out.” 
“We’re communicating information and it’s up to date”, he added.  “It’s that simple.  I don’t want people watching TV an hour a day… I want them to see select information, employee of the quarter, losses and wins of business.  ECS is a portal, it keeps communications lines open, completes the circle.”

Randy believes ECS has played a significant part in reducing employee turnover in their workplace. When he first got there, turnover was over 40% per year.  Eighteen months later it was 22%, and today it’s 12%.  He said, “Forums like the Marlin Communication Station are key to making this happen. You can’t over-communicate.”


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