Let the pictures tell the story

Let the pictures tell the story

By, Sharon on Thursday November 11, 2010

By: Jude Carter

Have you seen the gruesome graphics being proposed for cigarette packs? Very chilling.  And a far cry from the black and white text warning from the Surgeon General. According to an article in today’s Washington Post, the FDA is measuring public reaction before they launch a campaign late next year. Regardless of where this lands, it’s a great example of visual communication in action. You may or may not agree with this approach as a way to deter smoking, but you have to admit that it’s drawing strong reaction.

Think about that in relation to how you communicate critical workplace issues to your employees. No, I’m not suggesting that you bombard them with graphic shots of gruesome accidents to reinforce your safety messages. It takes visuals of all kinds to reach your diverse workforce——outrageous, funny, sobering, inspiring, instructional and yes, graphic.

The point is, pictures get a reaction and elicit emotion, which can have greater influence and sticking power than words alone. They can get people talking, thinking, and maybe even changing their behavior. Aren’t those all the things we want our employees to do when we deliver messages on workplace safety, customer service, quality and employee morale?

How are you using visual communication to reach your workers?

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