Marlin Demo Wall Showcases the Latest in Workplace Digital Signage Content

Marlin Demo Wall Showcases the Latest in Workplace Digital Signage Content

Sean Donnelly

By, Sean Donnelly on Friday February 12, 2016

(Above: Frank Kenna, President and CEO of The Marlin Company, reviews Marlin’s workplace digital signage content on the newly installed demo wall at Marlin headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut.)

We’re not in the hardware business. I want to be clear about that up front. When people hear the term ‘digital signage,’ they often think of computers and large screens. They forget about the software and the service behind it. But it’s this SaaS-based solution that thousands of Marlin customers rely upon every day for better workplace communication. It’s what makes the difference between robust enterprise-wide digital signage and a simple PowerPoint endlessly looping on a single screen. That being said, many of our customers choose a turnkey installation package, which includes HD screens. So, it’s on us to properly vet solutions like the LG LX341C Commercial Lite Integrated HDTVs that now appear on our demo wall—one of many LG offerings available to Marlin customers.

The Marlin demo wall runs 24/7, simulating the workload of screens installed with Marlin customers around the world. Each LG screen displays one of eight vertical market content packages provided by Marlin. This professionally produced content relieves our customers of the burden of having to constantly supply well-researched, engaging material on a daily basis. Marlin content is one of our competitive differentiators, so we need to make sure it looks fantastic 100% of the time. Therefore, each Marlin piece is tested on the LG screens to ensure that we’re seeing exactly what our customers see.

What we didn’t expect is how popular the demo wall would be with our own employees. The vividness of the LG displays and the clean edges of the bezels immediately place the focus on the viewing experience. There are no distractions, just amazing content. It’s become our go-to spot for taking in our Editorial Department’s latest creations, from shocking accident videos and safety reminders to morale-building pieces that make you want to smile.

The demo wall is also one of the first stops for visitors touring our facility. After all, why try to explain workplace digital signage when you can simply show it in action? It’s all about the visual. Want to see for yourself? We’d love to have you join us. 


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