Workplace Communications: New Technologies Radically Increase Workplace Collaboration Possibilities

Workplace Communications: New Technologies Radically Increase Workplace Collaboration Possibilities

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Monday September 17, 2012

By Frank Kenna

Imagine walking into your conference room and your phone automatically turns off the ringer and screens all calls except from your spouse and the CEO.  When your employees who smoke go outside for their periodic fix, they get a message on their phones with smoking cessation tips.  As your drivers report for work, their route schedules for the next week load into their tablets and a copy is sent home to their spouses.  When you leave for the day, your voice mail changes to an out-of-the-office message and opens your iTunes for the commute home.  These things are all possible today as outlined in a recent article in The Wall Street Journal

It’s all possible through near field communications (nfc), the use of various low cost, chip-embedded tags that are programmed to perform various tasks when they get near your computer/phone/tablet. Users program the tags which will then modify settings on their phones or devices, making possible the type of scenarios listed above. NFC is pretty cool technology and coming at you fast.  So what’s the advantage?

Overall, these techniques and devices will allow you to be super connected to your employees and fellow managers.  The progression of workplace communication from snail mail to email to texts to tweets will continue, but now will be much more dynamic because of the instantaneous speed and rich content you’ll be able to share with these new technologies.  And it all gets augmented by the way it can be done, with information going to the right audience at the right time, giving you focus and engagement never before possible. 

Want to know what your employees and associates are thinking? What if they could collaborate with you on any given subject at any time?  What difference would that make to you, your company and its profitability?  The Marlin Company is on the front lines of this workplace communication revolution, dedicated to supplying you with the tools you need.  With our smartphone, digital signage, laptop and tablet communications products, you can let us worry about the technology so you can concentrate on its benefits. 


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