Now THIS is a high phone bill:  $1 million per call

Now THIS is a high phone bill:  $1 million per call

Jude Carter

By, Jude Carter on Thursday February 23, 2012

By Frank Kenna

Two women were recently granted over $17 million in damages after the crash of a Greyhound bus, according to  The reason?  It was proven that the bus driver had placed 17 personal calls on his cell phone in the 3 hours prior to the accident.  While the roads were icy, the jury apparently couldn’t overlook the fact that the driver was constantly on the phone. 

So how do you make sure YOUR employees aren’t talking & texting while driving?  They don’t just need to be told about the dangers of distracted driving, they already know that, especially if they drive for a living.  The trick is to tell them over and over and over, to keep the issue top of mind.  At Marlin, we do this by publishing issue-related content (like the photo above) on a regular basis that emphasizes important issues repeatedly.  But whether you buy a solution from a company like us or do it yourself, the important thing is to remind your employees over and over that talking on the phone, or texting, or any other distracting behavior can end up costing millions of dollars, accidents… or death.

Photo: Screenshot of Marlin’s digital signage showing a typical piece of content on distracted driving


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