OK – Your Home-Grown Digital Signage Flopped. Now What?

OK – Your Home-Grown Digital Signage Flopped. Now What?

Frank Kenna III

By, Frank Kenna III on Thursday February 12, 2015

Your company needed a good system for workplace communications and it was your job to get it done.  The objective was to install some flat TVs around the company to display company news, documents and videos. 

So you decided to do it yourself and the results were, shall we say, underwhelming. And it turned out to be much harder and more complicated than it first appeared.

Don’t feel bad.  We’ve all been there; a project looks relatively cheap and easy to do, but then you actually get into it and wish you had called the plumber (or electrician, accountant, etc.) in the first place.  It’s such a common situation in the digital signage world that I’ve blogged about it many times before. 

To that point, we’ve just created this 1-1/2 minute video that summarizes the problem and our solution to it.

If you’re fed up with your do-it-yourself digital signage, check it out.  And even if you’re not in the market check it out anyway for the cute little cartoon folks in it. 


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