Quality Digital Content: Real journalism vs. ‘content’

Quality Digital Content: Real journalism vs. ‘content’

By, Sharon on Tuesday March 29, 2011

By Ed LaFreniere

So, are you getting the real story?

Go on the Internet these days and do a search for healthy eating, or safe exercise, or advice on preventing heart disease, or ways of reducing stress while caring for an aging parent.

Will you be able to trust the information that you find? Will you be sure that the advice is accurate, impeccably sourced and based on scientifically valid, credible research?

There’s a huge difference between the real stuff and information peddled by people who are either ignorant or who have a vested interest in presenting information in a certain way. How about a chocolate company or a coffee company that sponsors a study – that concludes that their product is one of the healthiest foods around – but doesn’t tell you it was the sponsor? 

In addition to misleading studies, you find people who take others’ information and simply pass it along as their own, whether it’s accurate or totally off the wall. Worse yet are unsubstantiated or politically biased rumors with absolutely no basis in fact!

But real journalism? That’s the filter that sifts through the good information, the nonsense, and through skillful reporting presents truth in an impartial way with 100% accuracy, backed up with solid, well-researched facts and thoughtfully analyzed. It’s not junk content, dashed off without concern for accuracy, sensitivity or validity.

As publishers of digital content, Marlin knows real journalism from amateur hour.  Where are you getting your ‘content?’


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